Walton County Citizens for Honest Government
I'm re-posting the letter that I found in the Walton Sun newspaper. I think that people who stand up to the bullies are rare. I guess Suzanne's  name wont be drug through the mud anymore.
I wish that people would go to the elections website
http://www.voterfocus.com/ws/WScandnew/candidate_pr.php?c=walton  and look at the people who is donating to whom. Some under this investigation cloud are supporting other candidates. Don't your friends tell a lot about people!! 

 LETTER: Time to end the county government circus

July 19, 2012 3:43 PM
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Investigation ongoing:
To read more about the FBI's involvement in the ongoing lawsuits, CLICK HERE

FBI calls for Walton County emails, read more HERE.

The rumored FBI investigation into suspected corruption in Walton County is now a confirmed fact. At long last, a credible law enforcement agency is publicly discharging its duty to investigate alleged wrongdoing by public officials and private individuals doing public business with those officials.

Private citizens, principally Suzanne Harris, have been voluntarily bearing this burden in the absence of official investigation. That she has not only defended the public interest at considerable personal expense for several years is now known to be only a part of the role she has played in fighting for honest, transparent government.

She is now confirmed as working with the FBI in turning up evidence clearly indicative of at best incompetent governance by officials acting, according to the county's own consultants, in several instances in violation of the law and in more instances in violation of responsible business practices.

Whether there has been evil done remains to be shown, but there has been no effective effort by some of our officials and others to avoid the appearance of evil. Rather, there have been too many occasions where an arrogant disdain of the public and its interests have been displayed, all to the detriment of Walton County.

There is a substantial difference between arrogance and criminality, and it's in the best interests of all concerned, both those being investigated and the public at large, that these suspicions be confirmed or denied, and quickly so.

If the suspicions are found true, we need swift and appropriate punishment for any and all wrongdoing. If they are found false, an equally swift and appropriate clearance should be forthcoming.

Walton County has labored for too long with a cloud hanging over its County Commission and its actions. It is time for justice to be served and the cloud lifted, following which our BCC badly needs a reformation in its business and personnel practices. We cannot afford for the present circus to continue.

Don Riley

Miramar Beach

We are only into this effort two meetings but the face of the new citizens group in Walton  County Florida is still developing.  We don't have a board or directors and we don't have a clear name but we are starting to take shape anyway. For now we are calling ourselves Walton County Citizens for honest Government. 
 Last night the room wasn't very full  as there was other events in the county occurring at the same time.  However, we did have guests via neighbor visions Live Cam.
  http://www.neighborvision.com/ Guests are able to sit in the comfort of their home and join us. They can even text us questions in real time and make responses during the meeting.  
Even though it was a small group that showed up last night, I am encouraged because the people that were there are speaking up. We are real citizens and we finally have a place ti voice our opinion for all to hear. I hope that voice will get louder as word gets out about what we are doing here.  That's what it's all about for me: Sharing Information and finding a way to get the common working  Joe involved in what going in in this community.  I don't like to complain without seeking a solution so we are looking for solutions that work for the majority.  I have been listening to many local citizens who are complaining about the current board of County Commissioners and our Sheriff. They complain about unfair practices and how decisions are being made here in Walton County. People are letting me know that local leaders are not spending county money in a fair and responsible manor. I think it's time that we got the word out and let our neighbors know that we can change things all we have to do is come together and collectively. We can find solutions.  I know my vision for the group but I'm keeping the platform open enough for others to bring their ideas. I want to make something that is community run. As people come to meetings they are encourages to speak and I hope they will stay around and help.
We have had people from Defuniak, North Walton and people from South Walton attend the meetings.  
Next weeks meeting should be very eyeopening  because we have invited Bob Hudson of the Walton County Taxpayers association to speak about the issues and problems in the county. This presentation by Bob will be just the kind of education that will help those people like myself that hasn't always been able to follow all the county issues. I think Bob will spell things out in a way that everyone can understand. 
If people want to get more involved in the community or just start to understand more about whats going on here in Walton County government this is the opportunity to learn. and if they miss the meeting they can watch it later from Neighbor-vision recordings.  
Whomever said computers are making us a disconnected society surely didn't know about neighbor-vision.  
I am really looking forward to Bob Hudson speaking. Bob is from  from the Walton County Tax Payers Association.  He will speak to the Walton County Citizens next Tuesday July 17th at 6:00 pm. Bob is knowledgeable about county spending and he will be able to spell out many of the problems that we are facing here in Walton County Florid. I hope that he will have some solutions for us as well. I can't help but to think the best solution is to vote out the old and bring in new honest and qualified people that care about us. 

The meeting stats at 5PM. The speaker presents at 6:00 and we have discussions after. 
See you there. If you cant make it log on to neighborvision. 

If you miss the meeting take a look at Neighborvision because it will be recorded.


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